Opencast Mine

Perform open-pit progressive survey.


Apply standard adjustment methods such as least squares, compass rule, crandall, and transit.


Report stockpile volumes over any period and include multiple stockpiles in a single survey.


Import and edit terrain files and perform basic haul road design.


Salaria has the expertise, equipment and personnel to provide prompt, accurate inventory control services, regardless of requirements or commodity.


We use state of the art technology to provide you with independent, accurate determinations of exactly how much your stockpiles contain.


Our stockpile measurement system can accurately measure stockpiles for various commodities. It is a scientific/ instrumental method, using GPS and drone technology to determine the volume of the stockpile quantity. Any shape of stockpile can be measured accurate and efficiently. And field times can be reduced by up to 60%.

Underground Mine

Complete electronic survey and re-survey using data from instruments or paper field books.


Apply standard adjustment methods such as least squares, compass rule, crandall, and transit.


Perform all required operations for pegs, tapes, and offsets and create reports for compliance and development.


Salaria has dedicated technicians to provide CAD & GIS support to all the technical disciplines within your company.

CAD & GIS are complementary technologies that have evolved largely independently over the past 10 years.


Salaria’s longtime best-of-breed approach provides value to customers by building better linkages between CAD & GIS systems.

We focused much research and development on improving how CAD & GIS data can be used for representing our company data on maps and plans.


Salaria uses a method of collecting aerial imagery by using drone technology.


Typical types of data collected include aerial photography, lidarremote sensing & ranging (using various visible and invisible bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, such as infraredgamma, or ultraviolet) and also geophysical data (such as aeromagnetic surveys  and gravity.


It can also refer to the chart or map made by analysing a region from the air.

Aerial survey should be distinguished from satellite imagerytechnologies because of its better resolution, quality and atmospheric conditions (which can negatively impact and obscure satellite observation


One of the most industry disrupting applications of drone technology can be found in the monitoring of existing infrastructure, for example power lines, cellphone masts and mega structures.

Drones not only substantially save time in order to inspect and monitor
infrastructure, but it also creates a much safer process in order to do the required monitoring.

Inspections could include thermal inspections of conveyor belts, stockpiles and solar panels.

Thermal imagery can also immediately identify heat building up in critical electrical infrastructure for example power line isolators

Agriculture Spraying

Agriculture is one of the fastest-growing markets in the commercial drone industry today.


And UAVs are quickly becoming an indispensable tool to help you become more efficient in the field, and make more informed crop management decisions

Over the past few years, a growing ecosystem of ag-specific drone solutions has emerged, making it possible to put aerial data to work in new and exciting ways, ranging from detecting crop damage to analyzing stand counts and spraying crops.


1) Security

The agriculture sprayer drones protect farmers from poisoning and heatstroke, while spraying liquid pesticides, fertilizers and herbicides on agricultural land

2) High efficiency

50-100 acres can be sprayed per day, which is 30 times more than the traditional knapsack sprayer

3) Environment protection

Water and soil pollution is severely reduced with the fixed position and orientation method

4) Wastage reduction

30% of pesticide saving is established by a high degree of atomization and as the chemical fog can be sprayed to all levels of the crop

5) Water saving

90% of water can be saved in comparison to traditional spraying methods. This is possible by utilizing ultra low volume spraying technology

6) Lower cost

There is a 97% reduction in cost compared to traditional spraying methods

7) Wide range of applications

It's not influenced by the terrain and crop height, has an ergonomic and innovative remote control, easily manages low altitudes flights and does not harm the crop

8) Easy to use and maintain

Ag drone has a long productive lifespan, low maintenance cost, and its parts are easy to replace, as and when required


1) Efficient

Joyance spraying drones are with much longer drone width, and much bigger spraying span. They can spray more land in same time

2) Effective

As every nozzle of Joyance agriculturer UAV duster crop sprayer is under the drone propeller so the pesticide fog can be directly sprayed to all levels of the crop

This is possible due to the strong air flow generated by the propellers, so every nozzle is highly effective

3) Easy to operate

Joyance pesticide spraying drones are equipped with a specially designed pesticide spraying method. Even a beginner can operate the spraying drone very easily and efficiently

A single finger can operate the drones forward and reverse movement at an assigned speed, while maintaining the same altitude and trajectory

4) Easy to transport

Joyance fumigation drones have an umbrella design folding frame so it's convenient to fold and transport

5) Works continuously

As there are six axles, Joyance drone agriculturer sprayer can work continuously and the even distribution of the workload, allows the motors to easily bear the workload. There's considerable time saving due to the avoidance of a cooling down period for the motors

6) Quality control

Before despatch, every drone is 100% tested and has to pass through a rigorous quality control test to confirm it meets the highest standards in performance and durability

7) Neat design

Joyance AG drones adopt a special wiring board to assemble the electric motor and ESC, which ensures the internal wires are neatly arranged

8) Easy to maintain and repair

Joyance Tech always utilize high grade components. As the parts are interchangeable, therefore the maintenance costs are very low


Salaria is an established Survey company previously known as Peter Nordin Surveyors (2010) competing in the ever-growing surveying industry.


The importance of a more accurate reporting of production has caused more and more mining contractors and Mine Owners to contract surveyors, we use precision GPS with VRS technology and state-of-the-art laser (reflector less) theodolites.


These enable accurate and fast measurements.


We have Knowledge of mining and surface infrastructure erection as well as constructions experience.



The owner of ROC FO 12862.



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